Reitz High School Choir performs with Foreigner

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Some students from Reitz High School had a once in a lifetime opportunity to sing on stage with Foreigner during their iconic hit “I Want To Know What Love Is.”

Choir singer, Kristen Eykamp, said the choir was the first to register and won the competition. She said they had a couple after-school practices, but actually singing with the band was a bit scary because they never practiced with them. Either way, she said it was a lot of fun.

Bass player, Jeff Pilson, said he hopes this inspires the young musicians to continue performing. He went on to say their energy is contagious because they’re excited, and he lives through their eyes, which also excites the audience. He says being able to perform with the students is a win-win situation and creates a really positive experience.

Also exciting is, portions of the proceeds from merchandise sales will be donated back to the choir. This made choir singer Sebastian Miller even more happy because he said he wants his kids and grand kids and great grand kids to be able to sing and perform and do whatever they want without having to worry about funding or private schools.

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