EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – From missing rent to claims of unsafe living conditions, residents at Martin Park Apartments in Evansville are still searching for answers and solutions with the rent due date quickly approaching. April 29 marked the third consecutive day Eyewitness News has attempted to contact property management. Calls to the leasing office and, what documents show are the property’s owner, Borland Capital Team, have gone unanswered.

“What am I going to do,” asks tenant Maurannda Brush. “I work three jobs, I’m busy, busy, busy! I don’t have time to sit here and call lawyers and set up meetings to get this figured out whenever it’s not even my fault!”

Brush and her roommate have been battling water and mold issues for a majority of their time at Martin Park, nearly one year to be exact. Brush says texts to maintenance are either ignored, or solutions they provide are not effective.

In addition to cosmetic damage, Brush, along with other tenants, say they are seeing added rental costs on their online portal. Tenants we have spoken to previously have stated they submitted rental payments, only for the leasing office to inform them the checks were stolen, and residents would be responsible for re-submitting rent due.

“First of the month’s coming up,” says Brush. “It says, I think, we owe $1,300? No!”

Brush says she has had difficulty reaching out to property management. Despite a law enforcement presence outside of the leasing office, Brush says she is told the office is closed and no one is available. With no success in reaching the office, Brush has to resort to paying online, which she claims is not always operational.

“We are going to pay the rent that is on our lease,” explains Brush. “We are going to pay some sort of amount that is equal to what we assume our water’s going to be. Because the only way to find out is through the online portal that doesn’t work.”

Eyewitness News will continue to reach out to Martin Park management and will provide any updates or responses as they become available.