OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) You hear people talk about social media posts involving their pet dog or cat, but a Facebook post involving a different type of animal got an Owensboro neighborhood’s attention.

A post on the Owensboro Police Scanner Facebook page said some residents reported seeing a bobcat. But it may not have been what it seemed.

The post said there were multiple calls reporting a sighting in this part of southwest Owensboro. But animal control officials say what some thought was a bobcat or lynx may have actually been a large household cat.
The Facebook post reported sightings happened last night along Elm Street, just off of Booth Avenue. Daviess County animal control officials say that animal may have been more of a larger household cat. The Facebook post got more than 250 replies. Some residents were a little worried after hearing about it, and hoped the animal was something else.

“Just kind of scary, not knowing if it was real or not,” said Ashley L. Johnson of Owensboro. “It could be just a stray cat, or a bigger cat, or something. Wouldn’t think something like this would be here.”

Other residents say they were surprised at the reported sightings, adding they didn’t think one could be seen in this neighborhood.

(This story was originally published on May 24, 2022)