EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – First, residents dealt with damaging winds and power outages caused by recent severe weather in the Evansville-area. Compounding the issue nearly 48 hours later was the high heat and humidity as some residents remained in the dark.

Evansville resident Randall Paskiewicz says he saw the trees blowing during the storm, then heard a loud bang followed by what he described as a transformer humming. Having worked as an insurance adjuster for nearly 20 years, he knew what the damage in his neighborhood entailed.

“So when I saw this, I knew it would be 3 or 4 days,” says Paskiewicz.

For some residents, that estimate was close to reality. Some neighborhoods on Evansville’s east and southeast sides were approaching 48 hours without electricity. Conoco owner Siba Khatri was out of power for roughly a day and a half, but unfortunately had to dispose of some perishable items from the freezer and refrigerators. Still, Khatri maintained his positive attitude during the uncertain times.

“I’m laughing because I get the power right now,” explains Khatri. “Even though it was the waiting for 31, 32 hours to get the power, when I got the power, I forget everything and what happened, and right now I’m just smiling.”

Some items were able to be used prior to running out of time. Khatri decided since items like milk, ice cream, and frozen treats would reach a point of no return, he would give them to residents in need free of charge.

“A couple people coming, ‘Hey, I need ice. I don’t have money’. I say, no problem, you can take it,” says Khatri. “So I gave the ice, the frozen items, I did. That is my community. Sometimes I need to help the community, and they back me in my business.”