VANDERBURGH CO., Ind. (WEHT) — Roads in Vanderburgh County will soon have a new look. County Commissioners gave a nearly $2 million road improvement plan the green light last night. Residents say they are excited to see the changes.

“It would be a huge help. We travel roads like this every day,” said Laura Stilwell, who drives on the roads on a daily basis.

Stilwell’s daily route takes her on roads where she says she and her friends have to play dodge the pothole.

“I have a really good friend that actually got a flat tire on roads out here that still need to be repaired,” she said.

Potholes not only impact those driving cars. Michael Endress says it is a huge hazard for bikers.

“You know, you don’t want hit a pothole, get a flat tire and have a wreck,” he said.

Endress says better roads could help draw people to the county.

“It would be much nicer, much smoother, and it’s also about aesthetics,” he said,

Many say a project like this is long overdue. It has been on the county’s radar since 2020, but the pandemic forced them to pump the breaks.

“We weren’t quite sure what federal and state we would be bringing in from the gas tax. And the economy shut down for a while, and we’re sure how much money we would get in,” said Jeff Hatfield, the Vanderburgh County Commissioner President.

Fast forward to now and the county council has given the $2 million plan the green light.

“What the council gave us yesterday will help us catch up and help us keep the roads in good shape,” he said.

There are 50 roads on the list. Commissioner Hatfield says the county engineer helped determine which routes have a higher priority. Those including Schroeder, Allens Lane, and Plainview.

The next step is the bidding process. It could be a few months before work on the roads begin.