FERDINAND, In. (WEHT) – The Chapel of Sorrowful Mother has previously been used for storage, eventually falling into a state of disrepair. By 2016, this led a group of parishioners at St. Ferdinand Church to build a team dedicated to bringing it back to its former glory.

They succeeded in getting a $100,000 grant, as well as getting the chapel added to the National Register of Historic Places. Project organizer Diane Hoppenjans says she is thrilled at the progress that’s been made so far. “I would walk up to the chapel and nearly always put my hand on it, and tell it…We’re going to complete this, hang in there with us. Well, it’s taken 7 years, but we’re there.”

Renovations on the chapel are expected to be finished in time for a dedication ceremony on Sunday, November 5 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.