Rising Floodwaters Force Henderson Family Out

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After a water rescue in their front yard and the rise of floodwaters surrounding them, a Henderson family is forced to leave their home near the 300-block of Glover Drive. Waiting for them on dry land was their anxious grandmother.

Around 11:30 Friday morning, the Henderson Fire Department and Rescue Squad responded to the area of Glover Drive for a water rescue. The driver of an SUV made the ill-advised decision to try to traverse the flooded roadway. It didn’t take long for the driver to lose control and become partially submerged in a roadside ditch.

The driver was not injured, said Assistant Fire Chief Chad Moore.

“The advice that I would give anyone that’s trying to cross high water is to not do it,” Assistant Chief Moore said. “High water can be swift. It can move your vehicle and you don’t know for sure where the road is. Your vehicle also has a chance of stalling out.”

The partially submerged vehicle sits close to the front yard of the Huerta-Pavon family. About an hour after the water rescue, the family decided they had seen enough.

It was time to leave.

“This morning when my daughter got on the bus at 6:30, it wasn’t flooded at all. The ditches weren’t even filled up. My other daughter came and picked her up at 8 o’clock this morning and it still wasn’t like that,” said Deidre Huerta-Pavon. “I woke up at 10 so within two hours it flooded.”

Parked near the edge of the floodwaters, Jane Ganno was waiting anxiously for the family’s escape from the floodwaters.

“You know they say in two inches of water a vehicle can float. Evidently that’s true with that vehicle,” Ganno said as she pointed to the partially submerged vehicle involved in the water rescue. “That’s why it scares me to death. That’s just natural instinct to worry about your loved ones.”

After about an hour of anxiously waiting, the family emerged from the home. One of the children was on their father’s shoulders. The other splashed her way through the puddles.

The family’s young son, Fernando, had fun with it. In fact, both of the children did.

“My son wanted to ride his four-wheeler and she said she wanted to go swimming,” Huerta-Pavon said. “My son said, ‘we have a beach now mom!'”

The decision to leave the home was made primarily out of safety. Fernando has asthma so the family could not afford to be stranded in case he needed to go to the hospital. The family was also running low on groceries, Huerta-Pavon said.

Wet but no worse for the wear, the family is glad to have each other.

“I’m about to cry. [Ganno] means so much to me. She does. I don’t know what I would do without her,” Huerta-Pavon said.

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