A fatal sledding accident has left a community heartbroken, but measures were taken to hopefully prevent another life from being taken too soon. 

The sledding hill at the Newburgh Old Lock and Dam had a road barrier for the first time ever for kids to safely sled and it’s something some parents say they wish was put in place a long time ago. 

Newburgh parent Samantha James says, “Last year I thought so many kids were going out in the street I just kept thinking someone is going to get hit.” 

The road barrier put in place comes after 16-year-old Davis Collier, a junior at Castle High School, was killed sledding when her sled went into the roadway and into the path of an oncoming vehicle. 

Something that seems too real for parents sledding with their kids Sunday. 

“We’re leaving at the moment because I just found out what happened but it is nice the Newburgh Police Department has come out and finally closed the road,” parent Michael Whitley says. 

Some parents say before the road barrier was put in place they would stand in the road to make sure cars weren’t coming. 

“You can’t even tell once you’re up there the difference between ground and the street,” James says. “Kids aren’t paying attention to cars and if anything people just need to be slowing down because they know kids are sledding.”

After a life was taken too soon, some say it’s never too late for a road barrier to help save future lives. 

“Thank you that they finally closed to roads so it will be safe for the children hopefully it doesn’t ever happen again,” Whitley says. 

Officers patrolling the hill say the road will remain closed until further notice. 

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(This story was originally published on Jan. 14, 2018)