PRINCETON, Ind. (WEHT) – By mid-November, many of us are thinking of turkey as the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches. But in Gibson County, one turkey is on the run. Numerous sightings have Princeton residents asking, ‘what is going on?’.

“No, never seen anything like this before. Never,” says Angie Sumner. “Not for turkey day,” adds Michelle Sherman.

A wild turkey in southern Indiana, certainly not uncommon. But a wild turkey in a parking lot, in the street, and outside a restaurant? A bit alarming.

“Very odd, definitely,” says Princeton Dairy Queen employee Makiya. Her co-worker, Kinsley, adds, “I don’t even think, I’m just like, ‘What? Okay.'”

One of the many sightings of the turkey, which some are calling “Prince”, occurred at the Princeton Dairy Queen. While the turkey has been through many parts of the city, Makiya and Kinsley say it may have found a home.

“It was behind the dumpster here,” says Kinsley. “Yeah, apparently it sleeps behind the dumpster,” says Makiya.

Similar sightings have taken place at a nearby Marathon station, where Angie Sumner and Michelle Sherman say they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“When I have to leave in the morning to come to work, it’s dark, and I’ve got my little flashlight,” says Michelle.

Makiya and Kinsley say the trekking turkey has even shocked some co-workers.

“It like jumped in front of her car, and she didn’t know what it was,” says Makiya, “but it was a big turkey and it’s legs were, like, really small and it looked like sticks.”

Some in the city have tried, and failed, to capture the turkey. Sumner says a driver stopped near their station and attempted to pick up the turkey. One Eyewitness News viewer submitted a video depicting local law enforcement officers attempting to reign in the bird.

“We have cops been trying to get it out of the way and stuff,” explains Sherman. and it’s just not going to have it. It’s going to be his way or no way.”

Many have also taken note of the timely coincidence of a roaming turkey just days before a certain feast.

“I think it’s funny that it’s around Thanksgiving that the turkey comes out, of all times,” says Makiya.

Sumner says, “Yeah, he’s pretty brave. He’s huge. He really is big.” Sherman adds, “It’s kind of funny and comical to see a turkey cross the road in Princeton, Indiana!”