OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – Volunteer Owensboro is making musicians more accessible for people who can’t come out for ROMP Fest.

ROMP Around Town is a weekly music placement event coordinated by Volunteer Owensboro. ROMP Fest runs June 22 through 25, so the organization wanted to bring some music to community members that can’t necessarily get out and come to ROMP Fest. 

Volunteer Owensboro says from June 20 through 24, it has placed six music groups at six different places, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior housing and more. Groups include Shrimp n Grits, Randy Lanham and Wayne Morris, the Malone Family, the Fletcher Family, the Bluegrass Brothers, and the Bartlett Family. More will be added as needed. 

Volunteer Owensboro invites other facilities that work with the elderly and disabled to reach out to them to see if the organization can help find a group to perform, and groups willing to perform can also contact Volunteer Owensboro. 

Those interested can email Randy Lanham at volunteerowensboro@gmail.com