Rubio Announces List of Kentucky Supporters

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Marco Rubio is announcing a list of Kentucky leaders who have come out to support his presidential bid.

Here’s a list of some of the supporters from western Kentucky:

  • 1st Congressional District Party Chairman Richard Grana
  • Daviess County Judge Executive Al Mattingly
  • Breckinridge County Vice Chairwoman Connie Horsley
  • Breckinridge County Judge Executive Maurice Lucas
  • Butler County Chairman Jeff Jennings
  • Mayor of Leitchfield William Thomason

Micah Johnson, a regional spokeswoman for Rubio’s campaign says, “We are ready for the long haul, and our Kentucky team will play an important role in ensuring that Marco wins the nomination and defeats the Democrats this November.”

The Kentucky Republican caucus takes place on March 5.

Rubio currently is polling third nationally behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

In the race for the most delegates, Trump leads with 17, Cruz is next with 11, and Rubio follows with 10.

South Carolina’s primary is being held on Saturday for Republicans, and unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, the winner of its primary takes all of its delegates.

The five most recent South Carolina polls show Donald Trump in the lead at an average of 34% support with Cruz and Rubio following closely behind at around 17% each.

Here’s the full list Rubio released of his Kentucky supporters:

  • Earl Bush – Bracken County Judge Executive
  • Millie Bush – 4th Congressional District Republican Party Member at Large
  • Congressman Geoff Davis – Former U.S. Congressman, 4th Congressional District
  • Kelly Downard – Louisville Metro Councilman
  • Patrick Flannery – Former Carter County Attorney
  • Roger Ford – Pike County Republican Party Chairman
  • Cheryl Grana – McCracken County Republican Party Chairwoman
  • Richard Grana – 1st Congressional District Republican Party Chairman
  • Ben Harrison – Lewis County Republican Party Chairman
  • Roger “Roddy” Harrison – Mayor of Williamsburg
  • Brett Hartman – Nicholas County Republican Party Chairman
  • Jim Henderson – Simpson County Judge Executive
  • Connie Horsley – Breckinridge County Republican Party Vice Chairman
  • Jim Host – Host Communications, Founder, Lexington
  • Tim Janes – Clark County Republican Party Chairman
  • Jeff Jennings – Butler County Republican Party Chairman
  • Kevin Sell – Former 4th Congressional District Republican Party Chairman
  • Maurice Lucas – Breckinridge County Judge Executive
  • Gerry Lynn – Meade County Judge Executive
  • Al Mattingly – Daviess County Judge Executive
  • John McCarthy – Former Kentucky Republican Party Chairman
  • Warren Rogers – W Rogers Company, President, Lexington
  • Todd Ruckel – Lewis County Judge Executive
  • Richie Sanders – Former Kentucky State Senator, Franklin
  • Tami Wilson – Former 4th Congressional District Republican Party Vice Chairwoman
  • William Thomason – Mayor of Leitchfield
  • David Voegele – Oldham County Judge Executive
  • Wade White – Lyon County Judge Executive
  • Scott Williamson – Former Mayor of Corbin

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