HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – While some leaders will move out, other leaders will move in.

Moving is not uncommon for Salvation Army officers and their families. The Salvation Army says the average assignment in any one location is 3 to 5 years — so when Captain Benny Carringer of the Salvation Army in Henderson received a call from Salvation Army leadership saying it was time to pack up and move, it was not completely unexpected.

The Salvation Army says after three years serving Henderson, the Carringers will make the move to Johnson City, Tennessee, where they will serve as the new leaders of the Salvation Army in that community. Their last day of service in Henderson will be June 19.

“We know that God has great plans for the Salvation Army in Henderson and we are grateful that we were appointed here,” said Captain Carringer. “While we look forward to what God has in store for us in Johnson City we will deeply miss our friends and partners in Henderson. We have been blessed to work among people truly dedicated to serving others and would like to thank the donors and supporters of the Salvation Army, and particularly our Advisory Board members for their hard work and commitment during our time here.”

The Salvation Army says the Carringers came to Henderson from Wheeling, West Virginia, in June 2019. During their time in Henderson, Captains Carringer increased the depth of the social services provided to residents and worked to improve the finances for the Salvation Army by stabilizing the Family Store and stretching donor dollars as far as they could. The Salvation Army of Henderson will receive new leaders from Nashville, Majors Stephen and Sandra Story, on June 26.

For more information about the Salvation Army please contact its office at 1213 Washington Street in Henderson or call the organization at (270) 826-4472.