Salvation Army, Toys for Tots in need of help


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– Toys for Tots has been out of operation since 2018. Now, Salvation Army representatives are taking on the task, partnering with the Marine Corps Reserve.

“At first we couldn’t understand why no one was picking up the toys for tots name and getting in resources to give all these toys. But we realize this huge warehouse on the west side comes with it. Little did we know that this huge warehouse comes with a lot of issues,” coordinator Jada Smith said.

The building hasn’t been in use. Smith showed Eyewitness News where the leaks created bad holes in the roof, and there’s part of the wall on the side of the building that needs repairing- with plastic taped in the area to keep it down. Smith said they’re in need of supplies.

“We need shingles- since they’re going to be thrown away- with new rubber roofing, and then the side of the building as you can see needs complete new siding. Any new materials that can be donated will be greatly appreciated,” Smith said.

The United Union of Roofers Local 106 Chapter is set to help with repairs. She said it’s a project that needs to be done in order to get Toys and Tots running again.

“We can’t bring families in here with the smell of mold and the leaks. We have to get those fixed before we do any more work in here,” Smith said.

Two organizations working to create a better Christmas for those in need.

“Salvation army usually serves about 1200 kids for christmas. Last time Toys for Tots operated, they served five thousand. That’s our main mission is just being able to serve more families and hopefully we’ll get five thousand plus families helped with Christmas this year,” Smith said.

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