EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – The most recent wintry event did not create many issues across the Tristate. However, several schools still decided on various delays or closures, including Ivy Tech in Evansville – who called off in-person classes after 5:30 p.m. the evening of potential snowfall.

Daniela Vidal, the Chancellor of Ivy Tech in Evansville, said, “It was pretty straightforward to say after 5:30, all the classes that can be virtual go virtual. Those that can’t, we had a few labs that obviously have to meet in person, and those did get canceled.”

These decisions have become somewhat easier now compared to years prior, as virtual learning days have taken the spotlight in the height of the global pandemic. According to Ivy Tech Chancellor Daniela Vidal, the decision is specifically easier when it comes to erring on the side of caution. “Most of those classes had the ability to turn virtual, which is one of the great benefits, if we can say that, from COVID, that we do have that capability.”

Students, like Andrew Wilson and Grace McReynolds, say they are thankful to have the virtual option, but prefer to meet in-person. Andrew Wilson said, “It’s more interactive and easier for me to figure out what we’re doing in class and easier for me to comprehend it.”

Grace McReynolds said, “And if you have questions, it’s just easier to ask in person instead of you having to go through and emailing and them not responding sometimes.”

Chancellor Vidal says the virtual option has forced Ivy Tech to adjust their definition of what a “closure” truly is. “In the past, a closure was a closure. You know, shut down, everyone goes home, nobody works. But now if it’s ‘closure’, we may mean just the building is closed but we continue operating in a virtual environment. We normally would have had to stay later and add days at the end of the year, whereas now we can have a virtual day and call it good.”