Scott Danks explains reason behind attack fliers


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The Evansville lawyer behind last minute fliers attacking two city council members explains why he made them.

Scott Danks – the former county Democratic Party Chair – said the fliers attacking Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver were made because of complaints from other party members and their alleged behavior.

Danks says the fliers were in his plans for months and he had no contact with any of their opponents about them.

The fliers urged voters not to vote for Mosby and Weaver next Tuesday.

“If I send it out two weeks ago, it would essentially be forgotten about before the election. Whether I’m on a political campaign or otherwise, strategically, you want to get these out close to the election.”

Danks used the word ‘abuser’ on the flier for Weaver. He adds there’s no attorney client conflict with Weaver since the attacks weren’t about a case he represented him on a few years ago.

Mosby told Eyewitness News there wasn’t much else to say beyond comments made Wednesday.

Mosby’s opponent, Republican Natalie Rascher, released a statement saying she had no knowledge about the flyer against Mosby and that she does not condone it.

Rascher’s full statement can be found below:

As was reported on Thursday October 31st, there was a post on social media about a mailer that was being sent out by Scott Danks, former chairman of the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party, which painted my opponent in a negative manner. In the same post I was asked if I was okay with the ad. I publicly stated that I did not condone any personal attacks made in the ad nor did I have any prior knowledge that the mailer would be released. My opponent, Missy Mosby, was also tagged in this post.
Subsequently Missy Mosby went on to make a statement in which she said, “It’s a shame that my opponent’s campaign has stooped to this level of unprofessionalism to try to tarnish my reputation.” I, in good faith, made yet another public post shortly after in which I mentioned that I had no knowledge of the mailer nor do I condone it.
At the time of this press release Missy Mosby continued to mislead her constituents by allowing a post like that to be seen. Not only did she leave it in her original post, but she also did not make a statement refuting the baseless claims she made.
It is unfortunate that she would use such a situation for political gain by blaming myself and my campaign for an attack that came from within her own party. It has been reported that this was not the only mailer that Mr. Danks sent out about a Democrat candidate for city council. He furthermore released a statement in which he mentioned this was solely his doing, and lists out the reasons for the mailer.
I always try to take the high road, even when doing so is hard. I believe it is part of being a good leader. In the spring during the Democrat primary Missy Mosby had the chance to take the high road by condemning her campaign representative that was accused of making inflammatory remarks. She wasn’t able to then, and her inaction this week is yet another example of her not being able to do so.
I and my campaign will continue to stay positive, as we have been since I first announced my intention to run. My desire since day one has been to lead, not to participate in petty politics. I would hope moving forward Missy Mosby does the same and stays away from attacks like this.

Jonathan Weaver has also released a statement asking for an investigation into Evansville attorney Scott Danks. The statement can be found below.

“I have never faced any criminal charges related to domestic abuse or violence, or been convicted of any crimes. It’s disheartening that my former attorney would stoop to this level of un-professionalism. Going by his own words in numerous media outlets over a year ago, he’s telling a completely different story today. We feel strongly enough about our position that we filed a Request for Investigation with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission and are considering further legal action.”

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(This story was originally published on November 1, 2019)

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