SCOTUS: Affirmative Action in Universities Allowed

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Universities nationwide are allowed to dictate student admission based on race, according to a recent Supreme Court decision.

It’s been a policy at the University of Texas. In a 4-3 ruling, justices said that practice can continue in an effort to create a more diverse student body.

Justice Samuel Alito, Jr. dissented, “The university has still not identified with any degree of specificity the interests that its use of race and ethnicity is supposed to serve.”

University of Southern Indiana

The University of Southern Indiana says it “does not consider race as part of the admissions process.”

Instead, it evaluates students on their high school transcript, SAT or ACT, grade point average, class rank, extracurricular activities, and recommendations from counselors.

University of Evansville

The University of Evansville released the following statement concerning race and their admissions process:

“The University of Evansville is race-blind when it comes to admission decisions.  At UE, we evaluate a student holistically among several factors to include high school GPA, ACT/SAT test scores, essay, curriculum achievements (such as IB or AP), and counselor recommendations.”

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