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Scrapbook shows Victoria National's beginning

Victoria National is changing owners and some golfers think it's a hole-in-one. The Tri-State treasure is one of the best in the country – but it wasn't always.

Elizabeth Morgan remembers when it was first being converted from a strip mine. She flips through her scrapbook from the mid-90s where she watched from her back yard, Victoria National become one of the premier golf courses in the country.

“You can see, there's nothing out there right now,” she says pointing to a picture of rolling hills of mud. “Nothing at all.”

Every memory from the construction is carefully clipped and organized in Morgan’s scrapbook. There’s pictures of her and her family walking the course before it ever was.

“You don't need the pictures when you were there with them!” she laughs.

Morgan has played Victoria a few times, but with the new owners she's hoping to add a few pages to her memories. The course will be owned by the Dormie Network from Nebraska. The group owns courses in Virginia, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Texas.

Morgan has an idea for the new leaders. “Maybe every once in a while open the course to the public?” she says, smiling. Morgan and her husband aren’t members at the course, despite living in the neighborhood. She says it’s too expensive to regularly play.

Victoria National officials did not answer questions about the new ownership Friday. They say the sale will be complete in the next 6 to 8 weeks.


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(This story was originally published July 13, 2018)

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