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SEBREE, Ky. (WEHT) — Today was a day fifty years in the making, but it didn’t go quite as planned. In 1969, the people of Sebree, Kentucky buried sentimental items to be uncovered fifty years later, on the 150th anniversary of the town of the town. 

“They had a program book in 1969 and it turned to mush. They had some buttons because at the time you had to have a beard, or you went to jail and paid three dollars,” said Jim Bell. 

“Celebrating 150years for any town is quite an achievement. A lot of towns have come and gone since that time and this town has seen a tremendous about of activity over those 150 years,” said Jeff Sebree. 

Hundreds of people came to Sebree to celebrate the anniversary and see what was in the capsule, but what they found instead was a total surprise. The vault had a leak and all of the artifacts were covered in water. 

“That’s what we were afraid of, the moisture. Fortunately even the paper is still together,” said George Warren. 

People say the time capsule holds a little bit of the town’s history, but the most significant characteristics of Sebree can’t fit in a box.

“The buildings that we have are very nice. This bank is just like it was in 1890. We have some other stores that have a gift shop, and got a barber shop that’s like the 1930’s,” said Warren. 

“It’s always been a treasure to be able to come from Nebraska down to the South when we come for vacations, and make sure we stop here in Sebree and take some family photos, see some friends and have a burger at the Sebree Dairy.”

The town plans to bury a new time capsule with items like cell phones and VHS tapes. They plan to bury the capsule by the end of September to be opened in another fifty years. For their next attempt, Mr. Bell suggested the people of Sebree use PVC pipe to keep artifacts inside the vault, intact. 

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(This story was originally published on August 24, 2019)

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