Seeking Justice for Tooter McScooter

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A Reynolds Station, Kentucky woman is upset that not enough is being done to find out who shot her cat.

She even created a Facebook page: “Justice for Tooter McScooter.”

Six years ago, a furry little face found its way onto the farm of Cindy Davis.

It was love at first site, and they named him Tooter McScooter.

But on April 16, Tooter went missing.

Three days later Cindy’s daughter Kathy saw Tooter limping across a neighbor’s yard.

Tooter appeared to have a broken leg.

The Davis’ took him to the vet, thinking he was maybe hit by a car.

But the family’s vet informed them Scooter had been shot, and surgery would be expensive.

Tooter did pull through and the family was elated.

“We all cried, my husband included,” said Cindy.

Next, Cindy sought help through the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department.

“They didn’t have time to talk to us, and that was very frustrating,” said Cindy.

“Sometimes, whether it be a serious call or non-serious call, if that agency doesn’t have appropriate man power to address those calls, they have to resort to other agencies to assist. That’s where we come in,” said Corey King with Kentucky State Police.

KSP agreed to put extra patrols in the area of Davis’ home.

“This is something that realistically- I hate to say it for the family, it’s going to be real tough for us to get the answers she needs for her closure,” said King.

Davis is still hopeful the shooter is found.

Davis says she’s overwhelmed by the feedback she’s recieved on her Facebook page “Justice for Tooter McScooter.”

Click here to visit the page.

She says she’d like to see animal cruelty taken more seriously in Kentucky.

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