Sen. McConnell discusses President Biden’s infrastructure plan


(WEHT) — President Joe Biden says he is willing to listen to lawmakers opposed to his $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal, and Wednesday Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell said parts of that plan need to change.

During his visit to Baptist Health Madisonville, McConnell said the proposed bill is more of a Trojan horse for undoing an act passed years ago.

“If we can agree on what the definition of infrastructure is, and I think it clearly must include bridges, roads and broadband, there may be a way forward. But it needs to be credibly paid for, not through completely revisiting the Tax Reform Act of 2017,” McConnell said.

He also said it could impact better performing parts of the economy.

“It needs to be credibly paid for, not completely revisiting the Tax Reform Act of 2017 that every single member of my party voted for enthusiastically and believe helped create a 50 year good economy until the pandemic hit,” he said.

Senator McConnell says lawmakers must address infrastructure – but the term itself must be more narrowly defined than it is in the bill.

(This story was originally published on April 7, 2021)

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