HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – A loud boom could be heard in various communities across the Tri-State around 2 p.m. Friday, leaving numerous residents wondering what it was.

“The whole apartment shook so I was pretty confused. I didn’t know what was going on,” said Rita Langston of Henderson.

That’s the mystery that has the Tri-State talking as we start off the new year. What was that boom? It even took social media by storm with comments rolling in on a post made on the Henderson Watch Facebook page.

“Some of them were saying they heard it in Newburgh, in Evansville, and on the south side of Henderson,” Langston said.

Leaving everyone curious and wanting answers. Henderson Dispatch said there were no reports of explosions or damages Friday, but people still have theories on what might have caused this. Some people said they thought it was simply thunder. Others said it was something bigger.

“People were saying they could hear it in Evansville. I kind of feel like yeah it was an earthquake. New year, who knows?” said Juliana Langston of Henderson.

Eyewitness News did some investigating to see if weather was the cause of this mystery.

“It was pretty quiet. Yes, we had a few light spotty showers around but those were even pretty far to the north and then back to the west of Evansville and Henderson where that boom was heard. So nothing weather-wise going on,’ said Stacey May, a meteorologist for the TV station.

And the US Geological Survey reported no earthquakes in the region.

Henderson Dispatch did post that a likely cause to this could be a sonic boom from an over flying military aircraft. But the real truth still remains unknown.

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(This story was originally published on January 1, 2021)