Social media has become a popular place for posting lost pets or to find one a new home.
But a recent McLean County animal abuse case shows not everyone on those sites could be rightful owners.
“We have our fair share here of cases coming in,” said Daviess County Animal Shelter director Ashley Clark.
In recent weeks, the shelter has seen too many animal cruelty cases.
“Overall, I don’t know it’s anything different from the whole year but in the last four weeks we’ve had quite a few and it’s pretty severe cases,” said Clark.
Cases like dogs with arrows stuck inside them, others starved.
Not only do they take in dogs from their area, but work with McLean County too.
On May 21, McLean County Sheriff’s Office says they found seven dogs living in a small camper at Myer Creek Campground in deplorable conditions.
“The dogs were a little thin, three had some leg injuries.”
The couple involved is now facing animal cruelty charges and neglect charges.
“We’ve have some prior involvement here with them and notified by people who see things they posted on Facebook,” said Clark.
The shelter believes the couple was collecting dogs, “Telling people bring dogs they find to them instead of to shelters so owners can reclaim them.”
Three of the dogs are awaiting surgery and staying at It Takes a Village in Evansville, one was euthanized for behavioral issues, one is still at Daviess County Animal Shelter and the rest are now in good homes.
So, they warn you if you’re thinking about selling a pet online, visiting a potential buyers home can clear up a lot of questions.
“If they rent can they even have the pet cause if they can’t and they take it the next day it’ll be on the street or given to someone else and you don’t know where it is and fall into the wrong hands.”
Also, ask the potential buyer for a reference list.
Also found in the camper were four kids who are now in custody and an elderly woman who was taken to the hospital.
If you would like to donate to the dog’s medical funds you can donate to here to support the three dogs recovered that need surgery and here to donate to Daviess County Animal Shelter.
(This article was originally published June 6, 2018)