BOONVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Dozens of videos, hundreds of texts, and thousands of files. The Kristy Kelley investigation record from Warrick County is open.

Her father, Todd Scales, is digging for details into her disappearance and death. He believes detectives failed to uncover the whole story.

The investigation records were sealed after Kelley’s death was ruled an accident.

She vanished from a VFW post in the early morning hours of August 15, 2014. Her body was found in her car at the bottom of a pond a month later.

Since she died, Scales has been trying to see the evidence himself. Former Sheriff Brett Kruse sealed the documents to keep the people named but not implicated in her death private.

“It was to protect the file and the material in there,” Wilder added.

A recent Indiana Court of Appeals decision ruled the case file is public record.

“There’s no smoking gun here,” said Warrick County Sheriff Mike Wilder. “There’s been a lot of information out there that’s been given.”

After years of legal battles Scales has the files. Last week, Wilder handed Scales 60 gigabytes of videos and documents related to his daughter’s disappearance and death.

Scales and his attorney, April Edwards are still digging into details.

Scales said in a statement, “We will be busy preparing to go through these files so that not only us, but the people of our community can have the answers we’ve waited so long for.”

Wilder said he gave it to the family early, “to help them with a little bit of their closure.”

Friday, Eyewitness News received the case file. Inside the folders are piles of private details gathered over a month of investigation.

Wilder cautioned some details are relevant, but many are not. Regardless, all the information goes into a folder.

“They could be really outrageous tips to a really good lead or tip, but that material goes into this file.”

Various tips came from people claiming to be psychics and some who said they had dreams.

There are notes and surveillance videos from across Boonville, and a recording of the night Kelley’s car was pulled from a pond at Mount Gilead and Yankeetown Roads.

Text message records show Kelley meeting friends for drinks the night she vanished.

“You on your way?” Kelley asked.

“Here,” her friend responded.

Kelley checked, “at the vfw?”

“yes dummy.”

These messages were exchanged around 11:30 p.m. on August 14. The next day, after she was missing, two more messages came to her phone which was left at the VFW.

“What’s going on,” one said.

Another was left, “your in trouble or need an ear please let me know.”

Now that these files are open, what can you do with all this information? If you are Scales, or the Sheriff, or anyone else digesting this case, you go one page at a time.

Edwards believes she may still open a criminal investigation, but said Friday there is more work looking through the documents.

“We stand behind our investigation, but the file speaks for itself,” Wilder said.

The folders and files may hold more than one interpretation, but there is only one truth to what happened to Kristy Kelley that one fateful night.

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(This story was originally published on June 21, 2019)