EVASNVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — If you live in Evansville, there’s a good chance you’ve come across plenty of terrible drivers. Many would agree Evansville has bad drivers, but now there’s proof to back that up. A new study from Insurify crowned Evansville the king of bad drivers in the Hoosier state.

The study compared the number of drivers with a prior at-fault moving violation on record within the last seven years against the overall driving population. The city in each state with the largest share of drivers with an at-fault violation on record was deemed the worst driving city in its state for 2022.

Evansville unsurprisingly ranked higher than every Indiana city in the study. The share of drivers with an at-fault violation on record in Evansville is 21.8%. That statistic is 10% greater than the state average. If you’re wondering if the rest of the Tri-State is as bad as Evansville, you might be surprised.

The Commonwealth’s worst drivers in the state don’t come from western Kentucky, they actually come from Lexington. 17.7% drivers in the city have an at-fault violation on record, which still isn’t as bad as Evansville. For Illinois, it was Rockford. That area had 21.8% of their drivers with at least one at-fault violation.

If you’re looking to move to the city with the best drivers in the nation, you may want to look into Waterbury, Connecticut. At-fault violators only make up 10.3% of the city’s population. On the flip side, Canton, Ohio has the worst drivers in the entire country, showing nearly a third of the city has at-fault violations.

To learn more information and to read the full study, click on the image below. If you are a bad driver, click here for safe driving tips provided by the Indiana Department of Transportation.

(Courtesy: Insurify)