Skating Rink Opens on Franklin Street

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For the first time, a popular Winter past time for many can be found on W. Franklin St. An ice skating rink has been built on the front lawn of the West Branch Library.

While the rink isn’t necessarily made of ice, it still feels like the real thing. It’s made of a special kind of plastic.

The first of its kind project is the brainchild of Amy Word, who is the president of the Franklin Street Events Association.

“I’ve been sitting here smiling like a cheshire cat,” said Word. “It is so awesome to have these ideas come to life and to hear kids laughing to have families out here enjoying the day. This is just the first of many days down here, so I’m going to be really happy for the next 12 days here on Franklin St.”

Words says the rink cost nearly $30,000. But thanks to the collaborative effort of other Franklin St. business owners and corporate sponsors, the project came together.

The rink will be open until December 12, and costs $6 per person.

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