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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WEHT) – One refreshing citrus drink Evansville loves to call its own is getting an extra kick. Ski soda has introduced a new can to its lineup, but you won’t find it in the soft drink aisle.

A new ski-inspired beer is coming soon from the Double Cola Company, it announced this week. Evansville West Siders are all on board with this beverage.

“Been drinking Ski ever since I can remember,” said Jeff Kasinger. “It’s going to be a citrus beer, I know that.”

Liquor Locker beer guru, Shane Coomes says Brewski will surely be a big seller if it comes to shelves in Evansville.

“Ski goes hand-in-hand with everything. You know, a barbecue, of course you got to have your box of Grippos there, you probably have Busch Light in the fridge,” he said. “It’s just a staple over here.”

Double Cola is hopping up three new Brewski beers: a classic pilsner, an American pale ale, and a Ski-infused ale.

The company hasn’t said when the beers will hit store shelves yet, or if it will be distributed to the Midwest.

Local brew master at Maidens, John Mills has dabbled with his own Ski beer before and it was popular with customers.

“It’s got an orange zing to it that other sodas just don’t have,” he said. “The lemon and the orange flavors,” are key added Mills.

Coomes believes Brewski is capitalizing on a craft brewing trend where beers are becoming more adventurous and exploratory in how they capture flavors.

“They hold that overall flavor, just the carbonation is different,” Coomes said of soda-infused beer.

That fresh citrus rush has stood the test of time, and long-time soda sippers are all about these new sweet suds.

“I hope it tastes like Ski because I’m a Ski lover,” Steve Zeller said. “I love Ski’s.”

Double Cola may never say, but Mills feels good about his own Ski-fusion beer. Maybe he helped the West Side water go hard.

“If I did, that’s great, maybe I inspired somebody.”

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This story was originally published on July 17, 2019

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