EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The Smithsonian Channel was aboard the LST 325 earlier today filming a segment for the next season of Combat Ships. Film crews were in Evansville to use the historic ship to tell a story from Vietnam.

The episode they filmed here in the Tri-State reenacted the story of the LST 1167 when it almost sunk in the Mekong Delta during Vietnam.

26 soldier and sailors died that day — 30 others were wounded. The Smithsonian says it was the largest loss of life from one incident for the US Navy during the Vietnam War.

“This is just another one from the Vietnam era. When folks think about Vietnam they don’t think about LST’s,” Chris Donahue, LST 325 Board of Directors, tells us. “So this will be an enlightenment for ’em. People were still dying on LST’s in Vietnam.”

Donahue says this would have been the only navy ship lost to enemy action, except the ship was repaired and survived.