EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Where are they with that project?

We’re getting an inside look at the Costco project on the city’s east side.

Costco is expected to open on Friday.

“We’ve been busy. It’s never busy enough, right? It’s never busy enough.”

Hal McCullum is eager to show off his newest project.  He’s the warehouse manager for the new Costco coming to Evansville from the Costco in Cincinnati.

His job is to oversee run throughs like this one in the checkout line and to make sure everything is ready and in place when the doors open Friday morning.

“Construction is wrapping up, so we’re trying to get the final touches put on it. We obviously have a lot of freight coming in to make the building full. A lot of spice items to generate some excitement for new people when they come in.”

And McCullum is expecting that most of the people who walk through the doors — will be walking into a Costco for the first time. Many — just to see what it’s all about.

“We offer everything from electronics, TVs, and cellphones, clothing, fresh produce, fresh deli, meat department, optical center, pharmacy, hearing aids, tire center…”

There’s also a large bakery — where you can actually watch the workers bake and decorate cakes.

And you’ll notice a new brand name when walking up and down these aisles.

Kirkland is Costco’s brand of products that are similar to name brand products — ranging from food items to clothing to cosmetics. A membership warehouse club like Costco isn’t something new to the tri-state.

Its competitor, Sam’s Club has been in the Evansville and Owensboro market for years. McCullum says the two stores operate off similar business models.

“We try to limit the selection of items we have, so we get the best quality product at the best value for our members and that’s really the magic for us.”​​​​​​​

There is – though – a difference between the Evansville Costco and other Costco stores across the US.

This one is larger than average. It’s about 150,000 square feet (1.39 ha). It’ll take about 200 employees to run the store.

Eighty percent of the staff, McCullum says, are local workers. Other than the merchandise – McCullum says – there is another thing Costco is known for…

“The most famous story for us is probably the $1.50 hot dog. We’ve been the same price since 1985, probably be the same price you know 20 years from now, would be my guess.”

A membership to Costco starts at $60 a year.

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday morning at 7:45. Doors will open at 8 a.m.

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(This story was originally published on June 25, 2019)