EVASNVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — At the beginning of the month, CenterPoint Energy announced they’re ending their disconnection moratorium June 13, and that decision didn’t sit all too well with some customers. In response, Direction Action Against CenterPoint Energy (DAACE) said they’re encouraging the public to join them in an upcoming solidarity blackout.

(FILE: Direction Action Against CenterPoint Energy)

The blackout coincides the day the energy company will cut power for many Evansville residents who are behind on payments. A spokesperson with DAACE stated on social media the blackout plans to show solidarity with those unable to afford payment plans and reconnection fees.

“We’d love for every Southwestern Indiana resident and business, who is able to safely do so, to shut their electricity off at the main breaker for the day to show solidarity with those that will be affected by a CenterPoint shutoff,” said a spokesperson.

DAACE says turning off your breaker before you leave work is the easiest way to participate. They’re encouraging those who can to turn off unneeded appliances and lights. Sharing an outdoor meal with friends or neighbors is also recommended.

On the Lloyd Expressway, people have hung banners to promote the upcoming solidarity blackout. Eyewitness News reached out to CenterPoint Energy for comment, but they have yet reached back out. Click here for information on how to extend payment arrangements with CenterPoint. If you’re interested in participating in the blackout, more information can be found on DAACE’s public Facebook group.