EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Once full of memories, now full of water. The Tristate Camper Caper fell victim to rising water levels in the Ohio River. Many residents once again flocked to Marina Pointe to witness the final hours of the river camper, some still laughing about the prank, while others say they aren’t too amused.

“I think this is some guy’s idea of a gag that’s gone bad,” explains Evansville resident Don Schenk. “Especially if they catch him and who knows what the Army Corps of Engineers will do to him.”

The US Army Corps of Engineers has previously stated the responsible individual could face penalties ranging from possible fines to even jail time. A representative with the Corps of Engineers says they were hopeful the individual would have retrieved the camper prior to becoming full of water, and they will monitor the situation along with the US Coast Guard to see what penalties may be needed.

“It’s been amusing to watch, but now it’s not so amusing,” says Evansville resident Ernie Hicks. “They need to get that thing out of the river, but I don’t know that they will. I think it’s almost too late.”

Despite the fun, Hicks is also concerned about potential hazards the sinking camper may pose. Witnesses have told Eyewitness News there was a generator and air conditioning unit in the camper, which some fear could pose a threat of spilled chemicals in the Ohio River.

“Well, not only a danger of a boat striking the debris, but yeah there could be some chemical contamination, absolutely,” says Hicks.

Some spectators say they are eagerly awaiting what the next sandbar adventure may be. However others, like Schenk, say the risks heavily outweigh any potential rewards.

“If he gets fined, I’m sure it’ll be a lesson learned,” says Schenk.