One month has passed since Bridget Woodson quit her job at the Spencer County Animal Shelter after she says Shelter Director Christina Payne asked her on multiple occasions to freeze kittens alive. 

One month later, she is left with more questions than answers. 

After an investigation into the shelter led by Indiana State Police, Woodson and several others wait for the Spencer County prosecutor to announce if charges will be filed. She is not alone.

“We and our thousands of followers and supporters are just horrified,” said Alley Cat Allies Attorney Molly Armus.

Eyewitness News reports caught the eye of Alley Cat Allies, a national advocacy group dedicated to protecting cats.

Alley Cat Allies Attorney Molly Armus and her team flew to Spencer County this week armed with a petition to confront county commissioners at their Tuesday afternoon meeting, to find it was rescheduled.

Alley Cat Allies delivered a copy of a petition with more than 7,500 signatures to the county council and county commission office Tuesday afternoon. 

Animal Cruelty laws in Indiana do not apply to those euthanizing injured, sick or homeless pets if they are employed by a shelter and follow adopted shelter, humane society, or governmental guidelines.

Indiana Criminal Code Title 35 46-3-12 states:

(a) This section does not apply to a person who euthanizes an injured, a sick, a homeless, or an unwanted domestic animal if:

(1) the person is employed by a humane society, an animal control agency, or a governmental entity operating an animal shelter or other animal impounding facility;  and

(2) the person euthanizes the domestic animal in accordance with guidelines adopted by the humane society, animal control agency, or governmental entity operating the animal shelter or other animal impounding facility.

The American Veterinary Medical Association has deemed hypothermia as an unacceptable and inhumane mode of euthanasia

“The Indiana state law definitely has gaps and definitely there is vagueness,” said Armus. 

Woodson and her allies say they will continue to fight all the way to the statehouse. 

Several former employees and Alley Cat Allies continue to call for the resignation of Spencer County Animal Control Board President Joy Zook and Shelter Director Christina Payne.

The commissioners meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday morning at 10 am.

A group of animal rights activists plan to be in attendance. 

Spencer County Prosecutor’s Office says they plan on announcing whether charges will be filed sometime this week.