SANTA CLAUS, Ind. (WEHT) – The Santa Claus Police Department (SCPD) sent out a press release revealing more details related to Kendall King’s case.

SCPD Chief James Faulkenburg has announced that Kendall King, 15, first reported missing from Santa Claus on July 21, has been located in Jacksonville, Florida. Law enforcement officials say on the evening of August 21, investigating law enforcement officers developed information that King may be located at an apartment building in Jacksonville, FL.

Police say SCPD immediately notified and coordinated a law enforcement response to the apartment building with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. SCPD says King was found and removed from the apartment building without incident.

Law enforcement officials say King is currently being housed at the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) – Jacksonville pending an extradition hearing through the Florida Justice System. Police say the apartment building, and its occupants, remain under active investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the US Marshal Service.

SCPD says it is strongly encouraged that all parents, and guardians, should closely monitor their loved ones’ internet activity on all social media platforms.


A press release from Kendall King’s family states that Kendall was found in Jacksonville, Florida.

The family says as of August 22, Chief Faulkenburg informed them that the police and federal agencies found Kendall. Her family says Kendall is expected to be returned to them within the next five days. The family says there are legal complications that must be worked through in order to get her back. The family states they’ve waited 33 days to hear something about her.

The family says they will keep the community updated on Kendall’s progress, and they thank everyone who stepped up to help. The family has expressed interest in making a list of everyone who helped, and will be rallying around Kendall to make sure she has access to the help and services she needs to start healing. The family asks for people to keep praying for them as well as Kendall.

A statement from the family reads:

“Too often today, we think communities and people are too polarized and divided. I hope you all look at all we have done and realize that when it came to the life of one young woman, you showed up for her so we could come together as a cohesive group of people with a singular mind to bring Kendall home successfully.”