ROCKPORT, Ind. (WEHT) — Brynlynn River Grace Pruitt has now met the ones who made her welcome into the world as smooth as possible.

Brynlynn’s parents, the 911 dispatchers and the EMS officers who responded to the birth met at the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

“Things like this create an unbreakable bond,” Brynlynn’s mother — Christina Pruitt — said.

“I have a new-found respect for first responders,” Brynlynn’s father — Zachary Pruitt — added. “I’ve never had an experience this good or an impact to me like it did.”

Dispatcher Lara Hancock and Rockport EMS officer Timothy Huber were some of those involved in Brynlynn’s birth.

Hancock — who stayed on the phone and offered instructions to Zachary — says she feels blessed and overjoyed.

The sheriff’s office presented her with a stork award for her service to Brynlynn’s family.

Hancock recieved the call at 4:32 a.m. Sunday, and Brynlynn was already born by 4:35 a.m.

“I hope to think I played a big part,” Hancock said. “This was — like I said — completely new for me. I’ve never had something happen that quick in a three minute span.”

In his EMS and law enforcement career spanning more than 10 years, Huber has only responded to two roadside births, including Brynlynn’s.

By the time EMS responded to the Pruitt family, baby Brynlynn was already born healthy.

“I’m thinking about all the medication dosages that I might have to give if something is going wrong — what am I going to do if she was not breathing? What am I going to do if her heart’s not beating?” Huber said. “Just all those different things are running through my mind — and I get there — and everything’s fine. It felt like the weight of the world is lifted off of me at that point.”

Zachary says having everyone together is a great feeling after being reunited.