Spirit the Dog Passes Away

Local News

Spirit, the dachshund mix dog that was found abused and badly burned at Evansville’s Oak Hill Cemetery in 2000, passed away last night.

Spirit was rescued by Evansville Animal Care and Control before the community rallied behind her, eventually starting the Spirit Medical fund and annual festival.

“We’ve had her for a really long time and we knew that things were getting worse with her. And then late last night we believe that she had a stroke, and basically that it was time,” said Spirit’s owner Kristi Eggers.

She said Spirit will be missed dearly not only by her, but by the whole community.

“I would say the main thing is just the unconditional love that she would give, because, she, out of everything she went through, she did not have any person that she did not love,” Eggers said.

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