EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Day 3 of the Fall Festival for booth 31 was once again a busy one.

“Monday night we sold out of peanut butter and divinity,” says St. Matthews Church member Regina Dillworth. “So yeah, we’re already selling out early.”

Dillworth says the booth has seen high foot traffic since settling into West Franklin Street for the fest. But without the help of dozens of volunteers from Lambda Chi Alpha and Phi Kappa Tau mixing and cutting fudge, the church would be in danger of not having a full staff.

“Oh no, without them we would never be able to do it all. They are, we can’t thank them enough for what they do,” says Dillworth.

Dillworth says at one point, 15 fraternity members were stirring pots in preparation for the fest. While foot traffic remains high at their booth, Dillworth says volunteers at their preparation site are being kept just as busy.

“All the way through, they’re still working on it today. We’re still making fudge.”

In years past, fraternity members have passed down the tradition of helping with St. Matthews booth, something Dillworth expects to continue.

“They love it because they have all their grandmas at the church now,” says Dillworth. “And they learn a lot. That’s what they’ve been learning, how to make it, so yeah. It’s great for us and we’re just grateful that they do it for us.”