(WEHT) We’ve seen what the tornado recovery in western Kentucky looks like on the ground. A western Kentucky storm chaser is also showing everyone what it looks like from sky above.

On Bethlehem Cemetery Road in Bremen, you can see what the houses being rebuilt look like on the ground. But for the past nine months, Chris Conley has shown people what Bremen, Dawson Springs and other places that were hit by the tornado look like from the sky.

“From the sky, you get the enormity of it,” Conley said. He started shooting areas above Dawson Springs and Bremen after the December 10th tornado hit, and shot those same areas each month to show what it looks like now.

“You start seeing house framing going up, and three months later, then six months later they’ve got a roof and the siding is going up, and nine months later you see people start to move in to the new places, it just brings a smile to your face,” he said.

The most recent video, posted on social media last week, shows those areas nine months later. Conley says it’s led to some tornado survivors to share their stories. He also says he wants to preserve the history of what happened.

“I kind of look at this as a historical documentation where people that were affected by this tornado ten years from now, can go show their grandchildren what it was and where we are today,” Conley says.

“You get a better sense of the scale or magnitude,” says Darin Stanley, whose neighborhood can be seen in some of the Bremen videos. He says he saw similar videos, and saw the most recent one. Stanley says it’s bittersweet to see the rebuilding while remembering those who were lost that day.

“This place is never going to look the same. I’m glad people are rebuilding, and they survived and they’re OK. But we’ve lost a few neighbors and it’s not going to be the same,” he says.

(This story was originally published on September 14, 2022)