NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) – Students at Sharon Elementary School competed in a competition they have craved for a long time. Students took on teachers in a dodgeball tournament as a special treat for completing their standardized testing.

The tournament took place in the school’s gym. Teams were made up of teachers, staff and students.

“So every year we set some sort of incentive, just to encourage them to do their best,” says Sharon Elementary Principal Ashlee Bruggenschmidt. “It’s not about how they score, it’s about doing your best and trying to show growth so we keep using that as a motivator to them and as you can see the kids love it, the staff loves it, it’s good for all of our social and emotional health.”

The finals featured a rematch between the staff team against the 5th grade team. The finals went to a tie-breaker with the staff team winning the tournament.