TRI-STATE (WEHT) – A new study from WalletHub will leave Hoosiers and Kentuckians uninspired. The study ranks the most fun states with Indiana landing in the bottom 20 and Kentucky in the bottom 10. Illinois ranked as the fifth most fun state.

WalletHub compared the 50 states in the categories of entertainment and recreation, and nightlife with a test of 26 conditions for both categories. Low-priced fun was given importance as costs of movie theater tickets, national parks, casinos, weather, restaurants and recreation options were some of the conditions taken into consideration.

According to WalletHub, Illinois ranked fifth in entertainment and recreation and fourth in nightlife with a total score of 55.33.

Indiana was number 40 in the rankings. The Hoosier state ranked at number 43 in entertainment and recreation but was number 21 in nightlife with a total score of 28.65.

Kentucky was right behind Indiana at number 41. The Bluegrass state had a total score of 27 and ranked at 41 in entertainment and recreation and 39 in nightlife.

The top five most fun states according to the study are California, Florida, Nevada, New York and Illinois. WalletHub ranks the most boring states as West Virginia, Mississippi, Delaware, Rhode Island and Arkansas.

More information about WalletHub’s study can be viewed here.