TRI-STATE (WEHT) – A new study from WalletHub found Hoosiers are not only hot under the collar from high temperatures, but also from high energy costs.

WalletHub found Indiana to have the ninth highest energy costs among the states and District of Columbia. Hoosiers were found to be paying an average of $550 a month on energy costs that included having the third highest amount spent on motor fuel at $254.

Kentucky and Illinois fared much better than Indiana in the study. Kentucky ranked at number 31 and Illinois ranked at number 40 in energy costs.

The study compared energy costs from all 50 states and DC. A formula was used by WalletHub researchers to rank the states by comparing the following residential energy types: electricity, natural gas, motor fuel and home heating oil.

Source: WalletHub

Wyoming had the highest energy costs according to the study with a monthly average of $738 mainly due to spending the most money on motor fuel and home heating oil. Wyoming spent an average of $113 more than the second highest state, Alaska.

North Dakota, Connecticut and Massachusetts rounded out the top five. Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Vermont, Indiana and West Virginia followed to end the top ten.

The top ten for lowest energy costs are DC, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, California, Arkansas and Oregon.

The study can be seen here on WalletHub.