TRI-STATE (WEHT) – Youth can experience a rocky transition to adulthood without many securities that lead to a healthy life. A new study from WalletHub ranks Kentucky in the top ten and Indiana in the top 20 for having the most at-risk youth.

The study used a standard that was divided into education and health. Several items were researched about youth and taken into account that included:

  • School attendance and employment
  • Achievement of a high school diploma
  • Homelessness
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Assistance available for college or vocational school
  • Jail and prison population for ages under 21
  • Full vaccinations for ages 12 and over
  • Overweight and obese
  • Drug usage
  • Heavy drinking
  • Depression
  • Lack of participation in activities due to physical, mental or emotional health

Kentucky was ranked number nine according to the study and Indiana was ranked number 19. Illinois fared much better as it ranked number 32.

Source: WalletHub

Louisiana was found to be the number one state in the study with the most at-risk youth. The top ten after Louisiana were Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Wyoming, Arkansas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Kentucky and District of Columbia.

The states with the least at-risk youth according to WalletHub are Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Hawaii and Minnesota.

More information from the study can be found here.