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Support for Henry family arrives as mother shares message

An Eyewitness News follow-up on the fatal fire in Ohio County that killed two children.


Christin Henry, the mother of Ivy and John Ross, thanked everyone for supporting her and her family.


Meanwhile, support from across western Kentucky is already arriving, with more planned.


"I'm so grateful for all the prayers and the love going towards my family,” Henry said in a clip posted on Facebook, as she, her husband, and their daughter Ireland continue recovering. She thanked doctors and the community for their support since their house caught fire a week ago.


"Everyday, I wake up and God has helped me so much, you just don't even know. The doctors in here are all amazed and I tell them, every single one,” says Henry.


“It brings you tears to my eyes,” adds Nathan Clark, who is one of several organizing a fundraiser for the family at Fordsville fire department on August 18th.


"These people are going to need all the help they get. I know the medical bills will be overwhelming. They're rebuilding their life,” Clark said.


"People are really coming together. In times where you don't see much good, it's warming to see people come together and help this family,” says Chief Justin Cooper of the Fordsville Fire Dept.


It's one of several happening across Ohio County and online.  A GoFundMe page raised nearly $70,000 for the family as of this afternoon. Help for the family coming from outside Ohio County as well. Kingdom Snow in Owensboro donated all of their profits from yesterday's sales to them.


"From open to close, we had lines down the parking lot,” recalled Ehrin Midkiff, who works at the stand on Carter Road. Owners say they're still counting the totals from yesterday's drive.


"God is good, he's faithful. Don't feel sorry for me, because I'll see my babies again. I know that without a shadow of a doubt,” says Henry.


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(This story was originally published July 12, 2018)

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