EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- They say “all politics is local” and as the Supreme Court case weighing an abortion law in Mississippi is underway 700 miles away from Evansville, local groups are trying to get their voices heard.

Right to Life Southwest Indiana joined other local pro-life groups at the Four Freedoms Monument Wednesday afternoon for a prayer vigil in support of Mississippi’s law. Leader Mary Ellen Van Dyke says they are very pleased, noting “God will win and prayer will win.”

But pro-choice advocates say upholding Mississippi’s law would fundamentally change abortion access across the country. Kentucky Planned Parenthood leader Tamarra Weider calls it “drastic,” saying they’re concerned this case will strike down the legal precedent allowing abortion nationwide set by Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Weider says upholding the law means that women in Kentucky and Indiana will likely have to travel to other states, including Illinois, to get an abortion.

While no timeline is set for a decision, both sides are looking ahead to the future. Van Dyke says she’d like to close up their offices and says she thinks Indiana would outlaw abortion should Mississippi’s law be upheld.

Weider says she and her colleagues are preparing for the Roe vs. Wade precedent to be “dismantled” and are preparing to figure out what that means for patients across the country.