EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– A Walmart employee who was inside the breakroom when a gunman opened fire Thursday night is speaking out about his experience. Gary Cardwell was clocking out at 9:53 when he says Ronald Mosley, a former Walmart employee entered the breakroom with a gun.

“I did not want to die. I have a family. Walmart is my family. I have a 5 month-old son, I have a wife and did not want to die,” he says.

Mosley began shooting.

“All of the associates were lined up against the wall, except for Amber. It was a lot scarier than you can imagine, having a gun pointed at you,” he says.

Witnesses say that one of the associates, identified as Amber, was shot in the eye. Another employee took off running, being chased by Mosley and his 9 mm gun. This gave Cardwell time to escape.

“I basically made a break for it and ran to the front door, yelling get out we have an active shooter,” says Cardwell.

At first, Cardwell says some of the shoppers did not believe him.

“Some people said ‘Really?’ I said yes, there is an active shooter, you need to get out,” he says.

Shoppers and employees ran to safety. By the time Cardwell got out the door, police began arriving.

“There was about four cop cars there, with police fully vested with rifles,” he says.

Police say it took them about 12 minutes from the time the 911 call was placed to shooting and killing Mosley. After that, police took a statement from every employee before letting them go home. Since that night, Cardwell says he and his Walmart family have been in constant contact.

“We have a group chat that we are in. There is always chat in there about looking out for each other. I worked earlier today and there was a lot of love in that building,” he says.

Amber is in stable condition at a hospital in Indianapolis. Family members have set up a go fund me page to help with the costs of her medical treatment. If you wish to donate, click here.