EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – As tensions and tempers continue to rise, some feelings of progress are evident at Evansville’s Martin Park Apartments. During our continued attempts to reach staff inside the Martin Park leasing office, the door was answered, however no one was able to provide a response to tenant claims of stolen rent checks and poor living conditions.

Resident Melissa Froust says she, too, has been able to connect with property management, but discussions have not progressed as she has hoped.

“Yes, we were able to make contact,” explains Froust, “but things were switched up that were previously said.”

According to tenants at Martin Park, the staff member who briefly spoke to Eyewitness News was the leasing office manager. The same manager, tenants say, who is at the front of disputed rent payments.

“This is her handwriting,” says tenant Sky Lindsay, showing a payment receipt for her recent rent, “and she signed it for March’s rent, which she is saying she doesn’t have and that this receipt is not enough proof that we paid rent for March.” Lindsay goes on to say the office manager wrote an incorrect money order number on the receipt, and says she is now unable to track down that particular payment.

Despite the ongoing issues, Evansville City Councilman Zac Heronemus says after reviewing the situation, he believes property managers have the tenants best interests at heart.

“It seems like they are motivated to correct the deficiencies there and to make sure the apartment complex is moving in the right direction,” says Heronemus.

While we have yet to receive a direct response from Martin Park officials, we have heard from residents who say they have received a response from the leasing office. In documents submitted to Eyewitness News, Martin Park management acknowledges the poor living conditions and issues with break-ins and stolen rent checks, stating they did not create these issues, but they are committed to fixing them.

The documents also state a security presence has been added to the property due to threats received and increased attention to the leasing office. Management says the longer this behavior continues, the longer progress at the properties will take. You can view the documents below.