EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The long fight for some tenants at Martin Park Apartments continues, with a focus now on correcting online account balances. This comes after some signs of progress in recent weeks, including a detailed roadmap sent to tenants by office management, and some repairs coming after a code enforcement visit.

“I know we want to say the progress for them is answering the door, or answering the phone, which they should be doing,” says Denise Thomas, whose aunt lives at Martin Park.

Thomas says there are some tenants whose accounts are being corrected, but that does not include her aunt. Despite holding receipts of payments from December through April, Thomas tells us the account still shows accumulated rent totals.

“The ledger says that they still owe money, from the stolen rent money,” explains Thomas. “So when my aunt went in to pay her May rent, even though she’s supposed to be out in May, she was turned away, and said ‘we can’t accept partial payment.'”

Issues at the complex have prompted Evansville City Council to step in, recently amending a $50,000 resolution for assistance to Woodland Park Apartment tenants to now include residents of Martin Park. As council member Missy Mosby explains, this is a great step for tenants, but there is only so much city council is able to do.

“That apartment complex isn’t something that’s controlled by city, county or federal funds,” says Mosby. “So we’re very limited to what we can do, but that was an option to actually help tenants, because a lot of times they move but they can’t come up with that deposit to make that move to the next location.”