EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – On their way back home from the honor flight, veterans will get a chance to read thank you letters.

On the evening of October 29, veterans that boarded the honor flight will return. Officials say part of the welcoming process is called Operation Mail Call, when the veterans will receive and open letters from home on their return flight to Evansville. Officials say each Veteran will receive a Mail Call envelope with dozens of cards and letters.

Organizers say the things to send could range from a simple card, a hand-written letter or coloring pages from children. People can send a whole box of cards and the event organizers will distribute them evenly. Officials ask that people please leave the envelopes unsealed, as they are easier to open for the veterans.

Organizers prefer any personal mail for a specific Veteran be mailed to the organization’s PO Box, dropped off at Old National Bank in North Park, dropped at The Bauerhaus office or to contact the bus captain for that specific Veteran.

The deadline is October 22, the Saturday before the flight day. Organizers ask for people to make this a success by keeping it a surprise for the veterans. Public letters can be taken to the following locations from September 24 through October 22:

  • Golden Corral – 130 Cross Pointe Boulevard, in Evansville.
  • Evansville Public Libraries
  • Red Cross Building – 29 S Stockwell Road, in Evansville.
  • Mission BBQ – 1530 N Green River Road, in Evansville.
  • Old National Bank Branches – Southern Indiana branches only
  • The Bauerhaus – 13605 Darmstadt Road, in Darmstadt.

Organizers say the veteran’s full name must be on the outside of the envelope in the lower left corner, but only if the letter writer knows the veteran’s name. Otherwise, if the letter writer does not know the veteran they are writing to, they should simply use “Dear Veteran” as their salutation. Organizers ask for people to not date their letter.

The flyer is below.