The Case of Aleah Beckerle: Hear the 911 Call the Night She Went Missing


Eyewitness News recovers the bone chilling 911 call from Aleah Beckerle’s family the moment they noticed she went missing.

Her mother pleads to dispatch that this must be a nightmare.

The call captures the raw emotion the Beckerle family had the moment they saw Aleah’s wheelchair beside her bed and nothing but sheets where she once laid.

Aleah’s sister made the call to 911 telling dispatch,

“My sister is missing… we just woke up and she’s gone.”

Aleah’s mother, Cara Beckerle, was then given the phone and told dispatch that they had put Aleah to bed at 9:00 and that she was not able to walk, so she knew someone took her.

“Someone came into my house and took my disabled daughter.”

A public memorial for Aleah will be held Monday, April 10 at Browning Funeral Home.

The service will begin at 2 p.m. and run through 8 Monday night.

A private funeral will then be held on Tuesday.

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