The Lashbrook’s Christmas Lights Spectacle

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OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY — The Christmas lights are going up in the Stonegate neighborhood in Owensboro, and for anyone looking for the Lashbrook’s home, it’s hard to miss.

“Ever since I was little bitty, it was always, ‘Come to Tyler’s house, look at the lights,'” Tyler Lashbrook said.

“You didn’t have to tell your friends where you lived,” Jessica Lashbrook, Tyler’s sister, said. “You could just say, ‘I’m the house with all the Christmas lights.'”

The Lashbrooks have been putting up Christmas lights display at their home on Indian Creek Loop in Owensboro for 23 years. Jeff, the family patriarch, said he has always been fascinated with Christmas lights since he was a boy.

“Back then, the lights were really expensive and you could only put a couple sets together,” he said. “So if you had 10 sets in a tree, it was like, wow, you did a good job.”\

Now, 10 sets is nothing. Jeff said this year’s display has around 300,000 bulbs, and miles and miles of cords. And the work putting together the display is almost year-round.

“They pretty much start when the lights come down a little bit after Christmas, thinking about what they want to do different from this year,” Kelsey Pedley, Jeff’s oldest daughter, said.

The family tradition has grown over the years, with new additions, like Kelsey’s 2-year-old son joining in the fun.

“He loves it, I mean runs up and down, loves everything about the lights, so it’s so exciting that my dad enjoyed that with us, now he can enjoy it as a granddad through his grandson loving it,” Kelsey said.

“It’s great having the kids and we can goof off and have fun,” Jeff said. “That’s the main thing, is having fun out here with the kids.”

“Hopefully when our dad gets too old to put up lights, we can take over the tradition and carry it on since we’ve enjoyed it so much,” Jessica said.

But it doesn’t seem like Jeff will be stopping any time soon.

“Our dad will be the 80-year-old that’s on the ceiling, on the roof and doing crazy stuff,” Kelsey said.

The Lashbrooks have also been collecting donations from people coming to see their lights, which go to a different charity every year.

More information about the Lashbrook’s lights can be found at their Facebook page:

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