EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — A new Evansville business hosted an open house Saturday geared towards people who want to go fast! Fastest Lap features simulated racing booths and a wide variety of options for anyone who wants to learn how to become a racecar driver and hone their skills.

They also have what they call the “VR treadmill.” It allows you to play a number of video games in a more physically immersive way. Jody Glenn, manager of Evansville Area Driver’s Club, says these simulators are more than just arcade games.

“So, in an arcade, it’s not–you’re not feeling the bumps– in the car world, you’re feeling the bumps.  If you turn the wheel and you’re not loading the car properly, you’re gonna keep going straight,” said Glenn. “That’s what will happen on these simulators– when you’re trying to drift and you don’t lose traction on the rear end, your car’s gonna go straight. It’s gonna simulate real life.”

This weekend’s open house was held to sort out any bugs that the machines might have had. Fastest Lap plans to host its grand opening next week at 4215 North First Ave., Evansville, Ind. 47710.