EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) — The USS LST 325 holds a lot of history. “She made it through the biggest war in the history of the world and survived Sicily, Salerno, North Africa, and Omaha Beach at Normandy,” Chris Donahue, with the ship’s board of directors, said.

Now, the ship sits along the Ohio River to be viewed by many in Evansville. Soon, it will be making waves to the big screen. “Now she can kick back, relax, and be a star,” Donahue said.

Crews filmed Monday with the Smithsonian Channel for a documentary.On Tuesday, Pigasus Pictures crews were out filming an independent film called Runner.

“Runner is a small independent film that’s set in the Midwest and it’s about a girl who loses her father and she has no other family and she has to bury him alone. So she brings him across the region to the town where he grew up,” Joy Jorgensen, producer of the film, said.

It’s a story about rebuilding after loosing a loved one. Crews say they expect to be back in May to film. CEO with Pigasus Pictures, Zachary Spicer, said they’ll be filming all around Evansville. Crews said they’re looking for extras when back in town. Head on over to runnerfilm.com for contact information if interested.

“It has such a variety of locations and everything. I mean we are obviously shooting here on a massive warship. We are also shooting in really rural areas of the countryside in Evansville,” Spicer said.

Jorgensen said they’re looking at a release date of May 2023.